OhNo! Screenshots -- Stock Receiving

Receiving stock is complicated if cGMP compliance is required. Every item must be assigned a number so it can be tracked individually. There may be complicated inspection procedures required. And there are special rules about storage and handling, particularly if the item has not yet been inspected (ie it is Quarantined).  Fortunately, OhNo! makes this process easy.

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1.      The default data on this form is looked up from the last shipment received.

2.      Some material must be inspected according to a written document. The document is called a “Raw Material Specification” or RMS. It must be available if/when your lab is audited by the FDA or HC.
Left click the template button to display and/or print a blank copy of the document.
Right click to assign the current version of the RMS to this stock.  Similarly, clicking the “Scanned” button assigns or displays a saved copy of the completed RMS.