OhNo! Screenshots -- Create a new Method

Creating a new Method is easy:

·        Define the radiopharmaceutical

·        Define the steps that compose the Method.

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Create a Select Method
Define Method Step

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1.      Enter basic descriptions about the Method and the radiopharmaceutical.

2.      Describe each step 1

3.      (Optional) – enter the name of a batch record  template2

4.      (Optional) – enter the name of a Synthesis Report template 3

 1  A Method can consist of up to 100 steps. Screenshot 4 shows how to define a synthesis step. Screenshot 6 shows how to record step data during a synthesis.

2    A batch record is a controlled document in which synthesis data must be recorded during a synthesis. In OhNo!, each Method has its own Batch Record. OhNo! can edit the batch record before a synthesis to insert stock data. That saves precious time during synthesis and reduces transcription errors.

3    A synthesis report summarizes the data recorded during a synthesis. The Synthesis record is composed in Microsoft Word. OhNo! searches and replaces special “tags” with actual data.