Use OhNo! for customized control

Stock Alarms

Stock alarms are complicated - levels deplete, items expire, and some stock is more necessary than others. OhNo! lets you decide how alarmed to get.

OhNo! lets you customize the alarm action for every stock type. The alarm can be as simple as an indicator on your control panel or it could be a message to a cell phone or an e-mail sent to one or multiple people. Set the alarm type once and OhNo! will always let you know when there is a stock issue.

OhNo! adapts to your schedule by giving you several (optional) alarms before stock runs out or expires, and another alarm when it actually does. For example, you can configure OhNo! to remind you when there is enough stock for another month and to alert your co-workers when there is only enough for one week.

OhNo! also tracks an item's “secondary expiry date” and automatically adjusts any alarms to that date when the item is opened. This feature is useful for tracking perishables that need to be discarded a certain time after a container is opened the first time. (For example: anhydrous acetonitrile.)

Remember: most laboratories count their inventory once a year - OhNo! recalculates your stock levels every time it starts up and generates alarms accordingly.