Use OhNo! for raw materials control


OhNo! is an easier, faster and more efficient way of receiving stock and ensuring compliance with cGMP.

OhNo! automatically assigns a unique inventory tracking number (ITN) to every item received as required for cGMP compliance. OhNo! then uses the ITN to track its usage in your lab.

Raw Material Specification (RMS) documents are instantly accessible when you need to inspect and accept incoming stock. This is particularly helpful if more than one person receives stock, when you are training new staff or if your lab uses casual or on-call staff.

OhNo! stores the information about vendors, lot numbers, catalog or part numbers and quantities of items ordered previously. This reduces manual data input and checks for errors.

Error checking is built into the software. For example, the expiry date cannot be earlier than the current date.

OhNo! also has fields for customized notes and optional suppliers of stock items to assist your future purchasing decisions.

OhNo! assigns ITNs and tracks expiry dates and stock levels for consumable items (like chromatography solvents) that are made in-house.

OhNo! automatically prints labels that meet cGMP requirements for controlling your raw materials. Further details

See comparison chart.