Use OhNo! to save time

Receiving Comparison Chart

Receiving Step


With OhNo!

Raw Material Specification (RMS)

Find the RMS book

Look up item in the book

Click "i"

Inventory Tracking Number (ITN)

Find the ITN book

Look up last ITN

Update book with the assigned ITN to new item

Automatically assigns ITN and updates records

Manufacturer's Lot Number


Read the MLN

Legibly copy it into the ITN book

Previous MLN is preserved. Update if necessary

Expiry Date

Read the manufacturer's expiry date

Copy into the ITN book (in the correct format)

Click date from the pop up calendar

If no date is specified - look up the default expiry date

Copy into the ITN Book

OhNo! stores default expiry

If the item is perishable after opening then a secondary expiry is needed

A second entry must be made to update the ITN book again when stock item opened

OhNo! automatically updates expiry when stock item is opened

Label the item

Legibly hand print the following on a label:

Date accepted
Date expires
Storage conditions


Affix to item

OhNo! automatically prints labels with all required information.

All you do is initial and affix label to item

Additional items of order

Repeat all steps above for all items

Enter the number of items once

OhNo! automatically logs and labels every one