Use OhNo! for complete control

OhNo! helps you produce your radiopharmaceuticals on time, every time.

Before the synthesis

OhNo! generates a “kit” list of consumable items with suggested inventory tracking numbers (ITNs) needed for your next production run.

OhNo! prints a customized batch record or Q.C. release document (or any Word document), complete with lot numbers and ITNs, ready for verification by the operator.

After synthesis

Radiopharmaceutical syntheses can generate enormous amounts of data. OhNo! collects and concentrates the data in an easy, comprehensive manner with built in data checks to ensure correct type and range.

OhNo! cross-references and links syntheses to external data so you can display chromatograms and other quality control information. 

OhNo! tracks parameters such as: yield, impurity levels, batch volume, starting activity, final product assay activity, etc.

OhNo! cross-references stock items used in every radiopharmaceutical production run -- and vice versa.

Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for detailed analysis, reporting or printing.