Use OhNo! on a Network

It is easy to install OhNo! on a network (it was designed that way).

Multiple computers can work on the same data. Or a single computer can work with data from multiple labs. These two configurations are described below.

Other configurations are possible too - contact us if you need something different.

The two most common configurations are:

1.   Multiple computers sharing the same database.

2.   A single computer that links to multiple databases.

1. Multiple computers sharing the same database.

There are numerous reasons why a laboratory might need this type of configuration:

Different users can access the same set of data for different purposes:

Reduce radiation dose by processing production and QC data away from the hot labs.

Minimize time spent in and traffic through clean rooms.

Access all OhNo! data when and where you need it (including from home).

Installation is simple if you already have a LAN. Just follow these steps:

2. One computer sharing multiple databases.

The main reason for this configuration is to monitor and coordinate radiopharmaceutical production at more than one laboratory. If the other laboratory is off-site, you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to create a network link to the shared folder (check with your local IT specialist).