Get OhNo! for Radiopharmaceutical Control

OhNo! iis a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed specifically for clinics that produce FDG and other radiopharmaceuticals for human injection, according to cGMP rules.

In addition to collecting data and managing radiopharmaceutical production it also reduces the chance of a failed synthesis and maintains compliance with the various nuclear, health and medical agencies.  Some of OhNo!’s features include:

Estimates inventory by cross-referencing production syntheses, maintenance procedures and if appropriate, patient scanning.

Tracks radiopharmaceutical production and quality control parameters which can be graphed or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Checks data integrity when entering synthesis information.

Schedules equipment maintenance and calibrations, solution prepartion, regulatory deadlines, license renewals, etc.

Alerts you to stock issues and imminent deadlines. Multiple alarm levels and types can be set, including e-mail messages and/or text messages to a cell phone.

Simplifies stock ordering and receiving: suggests when, from where, and how much to order. Raw Material Specifications documents are instantly accessible. Assigns ITNs and prints barcode labels.

Networks so that multiple (including offsite) computers can share the same database.

Prints kit lists, batch records, stock labels, production reports, inventory reports, maintenance summaries, and more...

Links to external files generated by other applications. OhNo! links data files from chromatography equipment (TLCs, GCs and HPLCs) to the synthesis data. Stock items can be linked to a specific Raw Material Specification (RMS) and Deadlines to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).