Use OhNo! for inventory control

Estimating Stock

Ordering the right amount of stock every time is critical. Running short of a stock item could mean a cancelled synthesis. But overestimating stock ties up capital and space while increasing costs due to wastage of expired items.

Getting it right is not a simple task as radiopharmaceutical production labs can use hundreds of different stock types. Dozens of each type may be in inventory at any one time, some with different sizes, expiry dates or storage locations. Some stock will be used for radiopharmaceutical production, some for QC, others for equipment maintenance and some to scan patients.

By noting every detail and recalculating stock levels when changes are made, OhNo! keeps an exact and current inventory of each item in your lab at your fingertips.

OhNo! monitors when an item is received, accepted, opened, how much was used in which procedures, when it expires and when it was emptied or retired.

OhNo! also helps your lab make better decisions by estimating inventory, showing consumption rates and displaying historical reports of usage.