Use OhNo! for deadline control

Let OhNo! track your deadlines to save you worry.

Using equipment beyond its calibration date violates cGMP regulations and could have disastrous consequences. Failing to maintain your cyclotron targets, chemical processing unit, quality control equipment may lead to a failed synthesis, a delay in the release or a recall of your radiopharmaceutical due to incomplete QC.

However, keeping track of all these deadlines is not so simple. A modern radiopharmaceutical production laboratory may have 50–100 recurring deadlines, some as short as a few days, others as long as a few years. Let OhNo! look after scheduling and you will always be alerted to impending deadlines.

Use OhNo! to keep track of:

The OhNo! deadline feature can also be used to manage the schedule for in-house solutions or other preparations.  OhNo! will: