Use OhNo! for customized control

Deadline Alarms

You decide when and how often you would like to be notified about any particular deadline. OhNo! tracks the last time a deadline was serviced and the stipulated interval between servicing. It then warns you when the next service is due as per the alarm methods you choose.

For deadlines with long lead times OhNo! can send you multiple warnings. For example, a nuclear license renewal can take several months to prepare. OhNo! can be configured to issue an early warning that alerts everyone to postpone holidays and non-essential work, later, OhNo! can send an urgent warning that time is running out.

Similar to the stock alarms, OhNo! lets you customize the alarm action for every deadline type. The alarm can be as simple as an indicator on your Control Panel or it could be a message to a cell phone or an e-mail sent to one or multiple people. Set the alarm conditions for each deadline type once and OhNo! will always warn you when the deadline is due.